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Safeguard your business from data breaches.

Make Big Data insights a #1 strategic priority.

As your business grows and evolves, so too does the volume and complexity of data that is moving in and out of your organisation, through the internet.

At the same time, cyber criminals’ tactics are growing in volume and sophistication as are the number of cyber attacks. Data analysis can help you pinpoint anomalies or weaknesses in your data sets that could indicate a data security breach, or a vulnerability that could make a cyber breach more likely.

Big data analytics - gaining insight into data anomalies in real-time and being able to shorten the time it takes to identify and remedy a potential cyber attack - is a specialised capability. It enables your organisation to translate network activity into patterns that can detect and stop threats.

Once the Australian Government’s Office of the Australian Information Commissioner Mandatory Data Breach Notification legislation is in effect, big data analytics will become a necessity for organisations to be compliant. 

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How can Q1 Group consultants help?

Our Big Data Analytics consultants bring leading data capabilities along with a deep understanding of IT risk to complement and enrich your organisation’s security controls.  Bringing extensive industry expertise, our consultants can interrogate large volumes of complex data sets to identify and manage cyber risks so that your organisation is equipped to make well informed business decisions.

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